About Group Dialog as a Web Service
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The Group Dialog website is a joint project of Roger Eaton and Darryl Kanouse.  Roger Eaton is the developer of the Eaton Model of Collective Communication and Darryl Kanouse is proprietor of Zodeca.com, a web development business. 

Our aim is to implement collective communication on the web.  We plan to offer Group Dialogs on our website as a free public service for selected humanitarian dialogs and to provide a paid subscription service for government and business entities that see the need for consensus building within and between their organizations.

Group Dialog development will be open source and written in C-sharp utilizing the open standards dot-net technology.  In addition to offering a subscription service, our business plan is to support the implementation and maintenance of Group Dialog services with instructional material and advice.

The Listening EarThe Eaton Model of Collective Communication is designed to build consensus even between hostile groups.
website last changed May 20, 2005