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The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics Institute is committed to the promotion of a culture of peace and its foundational values of equality, justice, love, compassion, and mutual respect. Its humanitarian programs are aimed at the resolution of conflicts, the elimination of prejudice, and the broadening of perspectives. It encourages the study of faith-based sacred texts and heritages as part of the interfaith dynamic that is at the core of this endeavor. It also emphasizes the personal nature of this process by recognizing that what is created in the outside world is a reflection of one's inner world.

The Institute takes the following approaches to achieve this mission:

1. The creation of a Peace Academy with a faculty covering all disciplines that relate to the mission.
2. Networking with positive forces in society --- both secular and religious to foster conflict resolution, improvement of the urban and natural environments and the well-being of the of people from all segments of our global community.
3. The sponsorship of forums to examine the issues of the day in terms of ethical principles and actions.
4. The initiation of cultural and educational programs that creatively use the latest technology
5. The sponsorship of conferences that highlight and bring focus to the programs of the Institute.

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