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Roger Eaton


Roger Eaton lives now in San Francisco.  He is the United Religions Initiative Technology Coordinator for the North America Region and maintains the Unity-and-Diversity web site.   He is also active on the Board of UNA San Francisco.

With the help of a fellow programmer in France he is developing the "InterMix Voices of Humanity Software" which the Wallenberg is considering for its Middle East Peace Dialog.

1964 SDS organizer in Chester, PA
1967 graduated Boston University with B.A.
1968 graduated Northwester University with M.A. History  
1969 - 1980 mentored by Dr Howard Thurman
1980 - 2011 Computer Programmer for Princess Cruises
1984 - 1994 translated the Book of Job – see intermix.org/job
1990 - 1995 Member of the Board of Howard Thurman Library
1990 - 2003 attended Nonviolence Training classes with Rev Jim Lawson
1980 - present developed InterMix Voices of Humanity Software
2003 - 2009 member of Board of Unity-and-Diversity World Council, URI CC, LA
2004 - 2009 member of Board of Wallenberg Institute of Ethics, URI CC, LA
2007 - 2009 attended Culver City Area Interfaith Association, URI CC, LA
2008 - 2009 Coordinator, Los Angeles Nuclear Disarmament Coalition
2009 - present Technology Coordinator for United Religions Initiative North America Region
2011 - present Board Member, United Nations Association, San Francisco

Howard Thurman was an important influence on my life, giving me the realization that discipline is important in the spiritual life. The Book of Job repaid every attention as I slowly slowly, verse by verse, lexicon and grammar in hand translated it.  The author was a wise liberal minded religious man.  Rev Jim Lawson is one of the greats of the 20th century and I learned much from him, not least to accept nonviolence as a way of life.  InterMix Voices of Humanity Collective Communication Software is my passion.  The idea is to elect a message with massive participation thereby creating a global consciousness.  See intermix.org for more. My work with the URI Cooperation Circles introduced me to the Interfaith movement which I am convinced will be instrumental in the coming transition to a world that respects its unity as much as its diversity. As Coordinator of the LA Area Nuclear Disarmament Coalition I was privileged to make many new friends and acquaintances as we began to bring the nuclear disarmament movement back to life in LA.  Now in SF with my best girl Sandy as backup for my truly old but still active mother.

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